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New Post: The Greatest Goal Ever?

Did we bear witness to the greatest goal ever scored at last night’s friendly match between Sweden and England?

In my opinion, and as a long-time passenger on the Zlatan Bandwagon, yes.

Swedish/Bosnian hottie Ibracadabra’s fourth goal was the best I’ve ever seen, and it was probably the best individual performance I’ve seen from him in his career.

All four goals were brilliant, really, but the best was definitely saved for last.


Watch the highlights here.

Ibracadabra: A Night To Remember



As promised, I got the video of the Arsenal men dancing with Kaffy at the Malta Guinness Low Sugar Workout in Lagos.

I must say I underestimated Per Mertesacker. Lukas Podolski, on the other hand…

(courtesy: fatfat325 on YouTube)

Tears for Becks at Adidas Fans’ Photoshoot

Lucky Team GB fans at Westfield Stratford City were given a big surprise when David Beckham appeared at their Adidas photobooth. The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless.

(Courtesy: adidas on YouTube)

Thomas Vermaelen: Shaolin Warrior

Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen transforms into a Shaolin warrior in this clip promoting his club’s upcoming tour of Asia.

It turns out that the idea for the ad came from the Asian fans themselves, as seen in this behind-the-scenes footage:

(courtesy: Arsenal FC on YouTube)

Crystal Palace Cheerleaders: Call Them Maybe?

First of all, I didn’t even know Football League teams in England have cheerleaders, but Championship side Crystal Palace’s are slowly building a fanbase for themselves thanks to their rendition (*cough* lip-sync *cough*) of Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash single “Call Me Maybe”. Surely now the fans will show up faithfully to every match just to see these girls. Check it out below:

Caution: Extremely flammable hair extensions, eyelashes, bright white teeth and orange skin for the photo-sensitive.

(courtesy: OfficialCPFC on YouTube)

A day at the barbershop with Mario

I kick off my triple video bumper with a clip featuring none other than Man City striker Mario Balotelli.

In this Nike commercial the Italian gets a haircut at the Nike barbershop. There are a couple of interesting hairstyles he tries out…

(courtesy: Nike Football on YouTube)

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