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Pic of the Day: John Obi Mikel ‘sings’ the Blues

Sunday’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United had its fair share of controversies, and I found a photo taken from the game between the two figures at the centre of one of those ongoing controversies. But all I’m trying to figure out is…

What song was Obi Mikel singing?




As promised, I got the video of the Arsenal men dancing with Kaffy at the Malta Guinness Low Sugar Workout in Lagos.

I must say I underestimated Per Mertesacker. Lukas Podolski, on the other hand…

(courtesy: fatfat325 on YouTube)

Mertesacker does the Azonto (I think :S)

Lukas Podolski, Bacary Sagna and Per Mertesacker are in Lagos, Nigeria at the mo. Yesterday they were at Eko Hotel in Victoria Island (sooooo sad I couldn’t go 😦 ) for the Malta Guinness Low Sugar Workout. As part of said workout, the boys had a little dance session with renowned dance star Kaffy. If the pics are anything to go by, I NEED to see the video. I’ll look for that and post it.

What do you guys think? Send me some comments. Meanwhile I’m dying here! Mertesacker is killing me! LOL!

(all photos courtesy of

St. Anger: RVP’s decision sends Arsenal fan over the edge

Earlier this week, Arsenal captain and Dutch striker Robin van Persie revealed that he will not extend his contract with the club, leaving him with just one season left as an Arsenal player.

As expected, fans of the club are – for lack of a more befitting word – pissed. On hearing his decision, they took to Twitter and other social media in droves to vent about their captain’s “betrayal”.

But one English (of Nigerian descent, as it turns out) fan’s rant has seemingly taken the internet by storm. He rips van Persie to shreds, all the while screaming his head off, flailing his arms about and talking rabidly, tell-tale signs of someone on the verge of a mental breakdown. The funniest part for me is when he brings his FIFA 12 into the equation. Various news and sport sites and papers have picked up on the clip, and you’ll see why when you take a look.

All I can say is dude needs a hug. 😐

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